drum circle worship and healing

Chelsea Davis, a music therapist, has facilitated drum circles for the River and various conferences.  Here is a blurb she wrote describing a drum circle:

Everyone has rhythm. Our bodies are wired "rhythmically": We each have
a heartbeat, circadian rhythms, work\rest\play rhythms, and even our
breath has its own rhythm! A community drum circle in the United
States is a fun, family friendly event, where people empower each
other in the act of celebrating community and life through rhythm and
music. A facilitated drum circle has a "facilitator" leading the
group, or "making it easy" for people to participate. Drum Circle
participants express themselves collectively by using a chorus of
tuned drums, percussion instruments, and vocals to create a musical
song together while having a great time. It is NOT a drum class. It's
NOT using culturally-specific rhythms. It's not about performance,
perfection, or being a talented musician. In fact, everyone,
regardless of musical experience, can participate successfully and
have a great time! You don't have to be a drummer to participate… in
something to offer the circle, and any one is welcome.

Our drum circles are a way to connect as a community,
worship, express our emotions, release anxiety, tension and stress,
and have fun!

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