suffering, surrender and reorientation

Here is some of what I've thinking about …. how we can end up disappointed with God and significant people in our lives when they don't do what we want. Basically. Isn't it like a formula … if I do this, God will do that. If I serve God, He will give me what I want. Then I struggle to understand 'how He allows' me to struggle or suffer in various ways. We often ask why, God. And we get off track, at least I'll speak for myself, in frustration that becomes anger, that can become bitterness and eventually rebellion. As I catch myself in this, there is the opportunity to surrender to who God really is. The invitation is to rest in questions that don't have answers, to cooperate with the God that is at working redeeming all things. And our need for each other then becomes not offering answers, but, as theologian Stanley Hauerwas writes, to absorb the suffering and struggle within the community. I am encouraged that as we gather together, we together experience more of God's presence in a way that enables us to live faithfully in light of or in spite of, our struggles and suffering.

Cathy Morrill

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