The Acting Out Cycle: Finding Freedom from Pornography

Joshua’s Story

by Don Diva

“Good, you should be getting A’s and if you changed your study habits and were more careful with your time, you would be getting A’s all the time.  That’s what we want for you.”

“Yes, mom,” the Joshua replied.  He hung up the phone.  Joshua had just called his mother to tell her he got an A on his first exam in college.  He had been so excited to tell his parents.

“Some things don’t ever change,” he told himself.  Feeling a pit in his stomach, Joshua felt a need to do something.

“I could go and play some video games, but I’m tired,” he thought.  “Or I could…” he paused, not even realizing how much his heart was sinking.

It’s been a while… my roommate isn’t home… this will be the last time… okay.

Joshua turned on his computer and closed his bedroom door. Click to read more…

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