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The Acting Out Cycle: Finding Freedom from Pornography

Joshua’s Story by Don Diva “Good, you should be getting A’s and if you changed your study habits and were more careful with your time, you would be getting A’s all the time.  That’s what we want for you.” “Yes, mom,” the Joshua replied.  He hung up […]

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Stop, Drop and Roll

by Robin Christopherson Fall has arrived!  Fall marches in bringing a change in weather (at least theoretically) and back to school for adults and children– with the accompanying fall sports, classes, practices, Bible study kickoffs, meetings, volunteer opportunities, etc. etc.  At this time of year  I find […]

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Now what?! 5 tips to thrive in transition

by Leigh Volker Some people love change, unfortunately I am not one of them.  Up until recently, even thinking about the major change has made me cringe.  And yet, transitions are inevitable, and in my experience, frequent.  Graduating from school, moving, unemployment, saying good-bye to a good […]

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(re)defining healing

One of the passages in the gospel of John that has always struck me is the lame man at the Pool of Bethesda in John 5. In it, Jesus asks a crippled man who has been hoping for healing for a long time if he wants to […]

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making impact

Last night a few friends and I gathered around the fire pit in our back yard. Amidst roasting marshmallows and experimenting with pyrotechnics, one friend told us that he'd booked his third commercial. "Well, I want to change the world," he said. "And if that happens to […]

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suffering, surrender and reorientation

Here is some of what I've thinking about …. how we can end up disappointed with God and significant people in our lives when they don't do what we want. Basically. Isn't it like a formula … if I do this, God will do that. If I […]

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drum circle worship and healing

Chelsea Davis, a music therapist, has facilitated drum circles for the River and various conferences.  Here is a blurb she wrote describing a drum circle: Everyone has rhythm. Our bodies are wired "rhythmically": We each have a heartbeat, circadian rhythms, work\rest\play rhythms, and even our breath has […]

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