Coaching involves helping you develop a better future, whether in your relationships, in your career or life in general. The process involves creating vision, finding your unique motivation, setting goals and having accountability and support in this process.

Coaching can be done in the context of working with a counselor or with a coach. Sometimes coaching is best done in the process of counseling. If the blocks to moving forward are rooted in past patterns, it can be important to rework the past so that you can move forward. Counselors are skilled in helping understand and rework past patterns. Our therapists would be happy to help you address the past in so far as it impedes your forward movement.

If you would like specific coaching and want to stay keenly focused on the process of moving forward and do not need to work through past related issues, we have several coaches who work with the Soul Restoration Project.

Please email Catherine Morrill for more information.

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