We value groups as a powerful experience that facilitate growth with fellow motivated men and/or women.

The following are our (re)current groups:

Grief Group

Tuesday nights, beginning January 9th- March 27th,  12 weeks, 6:30-8:00pm, in Long Beach  

Grieving losses can be very painful.  This therapy group is an opportunity to process grief in a warm and supportive environment.  The group is open to anyone who needs a safe space, community and tools to facilitate the grief process.  This group is for people dealing with a variety of losses, including the death of a loved one but also grief related to past or present circumstances such as the losses related to diminished health, painful relationship losses, unfulfilled dreams and difficult
life transitions.

Marcia Pecora, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, will facilitate this group.  Marcia is deeply familiar with the journey of grief, having lost her husband to cancer.

The cost is $540 ($45 per session).  This is a closed, small therapy group.  For more information, for an application and to set up an interview prior to the beginning of the group, contact Marci at 714-262-4445, ext. 10 or email her at

The group will be held at Long Beach Christian Fellowship, 3210 Airport Way, Long Beach.  (It is between the 405 and the airport.)


RESTORE: Sex Addiction Process Group

Thursday evenings, ongoing group. From 6:30pm-8:00pm in the Santa Ana office.

Are you trying to break free of compulsive sexual behaviors? Recovery from sex addiction involves being honest, accountable, seen and met by safe men that speak a similar language; shame and isolation can be a bridge to freedom and healthy sex. This group is a place for you to gain support from others going through the same struggle and be equipped with proven tools so that you can  experience healthier relationships, find hope and be free from destructive behaviors.

*An interview is required prior to the beginning of the group. Also, each group member is required to also be in individual counseling since this group is intended to supplement individual counseling. Many different emotions tend to arise during the course of group counseling, and we want to verify that you have the additional support necessary to deal with these different thoughts and feelings.

The group is limited to 6-8 participants. This ongoing group is on Thursday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm.  The cost is $60 per session, payable monthly. Location: SRP Office in Santa Ana. For more information, for an application and to set up an interview, contact Don at 714-262-4445, ext. 3 or at or Arsen at 714-262-4445, ext. 8 or at

Healing the Mother Wound, Women’s Group

Wednesday nights, beginning March 21st- May 9th, 8 weeks, 7:00-8:30pm, in Santa Ana.  

Lauren Krause, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, will facilitate a therapy group for women who want to do intentional work on understanding and working through the hurts and deficits of her childhood relationship with mother in order to better love herself and others now.

This group is designed to help you…

  • Explore the impact of your childhood relationship with your mother
  • Recognize your hurts and find new ways to receive what you need
  • Discover new ways to nurture yourself and reconnect with the people in your life
  • Come to a greater internal place of peace and forgiveness within yourself

Location: SRP Office in Santa Ana.  Space is limited and a brief interview is necessary prior to the beginning of the group.  Cost: $30 per session and $20 materials fee (total $260).  For more information and to register, contact Lauren  at 714.262.4445, ext. 6 or at

Healing the Father Wound, Women’s Group

Catherine Morrill facilitates a therapy group for those want to do intentional work on understanding and working through the wounds and impact of her/his childhood relationship with father in order to better love him and others now.  Location: SRP Office in Santa Ana.  For the dates of the next group and for more information, contact Catherine at 714.262.4445, ext. 2 or at

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