The Soul Restoration Project offers workshops to support you in your healing journey.  There is no fee to participate in a workshop but those who receive value are encouraged to give a donation to support the ongoing work of SRP.

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The following are our upcoming workshops:

Sexual Addiction: The Basics for Therapists, Pastors and Others in People-Helping Professions

Saturday, April 29th from 12noon to 2:30pm.

Have you come in contact with someone who is struggling with sexual compulsion issues and not known how to help? Have you felt overwhelmed and less confident about treating someone with sexual addiction issues? It can be challenging to work with people who have sexual addiction issues if you have little training or experience with these issues. Because sex addicts experience a great deal of shame, they also may not disclose all of their concerns or behaviors, making them even harder to help. In order to help therapists (and others) recognize this issue and treat or appropriately refer, Arsen Muradyan, Associate Sexual Addiction Therapist, is offering this 2.5 hour workshop.

See this link for more information:

Sexual Addiction: The Basics for Therapists, Pastors and Others in People-Helping Professions

Understanding Grief and Loss

Not currently scheduled.

There are many reasons for feeling grief.  You may have lost someone or something that is very important to you, you may be facing a situation that is painful and overwhelming, you may have some difficult experiences from your past that are causing you distress, or you may have a loved one who is grieving that you want to support.  Whatever the reason, understanding more about grief can help you navigate the pain you are feeling.  In this 2 hour workshop, we will look at why grieving is important, what happens when we avoid the pain, and how to move through the many feelings we experience with grief.  Contact Samantha Cox for more information on the next grief workshop or group, or at 714-262-4445, ext. 8.


Sexual Addiction Recovery Check Up (for men), with Don Diva

Not currently scheduled.

Are you trying to break free of compulsive sexual behaviors? Recovery from sex addiction involves being honest, accountable, seen and met by safe men that speak a similar language; shame and isolation can be a bridge to freedom and healthy sex.
This workshop is for men who are working on recovery from sexual compulsivity.  This workshop will give you proven tools and encouragement in your journey so that you can experience healthier relationships, find hope and be free from destructive behaviors.  This workshop will be facilitated by Don Diva. Space is limited.  Sign up in advance.  Contact Don to sign up, or at 714-262-4445, ext. 3.

Transforming Your View of God, with Catherine Morrill and Ann Scharnhorst
Not currently scheduled.

How do you see God?  Do you see God as the One whose love for you is unconditional, who is with you and for you at all times?  Or do you see God as …  Critical?  Angry?  Demanding?  Disinterested in your life?  Unable to really help?  Unavailable?  Spiritual growth can be greatly inhibited by distorted views of God.  Many of us intellectually “know” the “right” answers about who God is, but emotionally we hold views of God that interfere with growing close to God and experiencing freedom as His child.
In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore your views of God and the origins of your distorted views.  We will spend time intentionally allowing God to work.  This workshop will be facilitated by Catherine Morrill with Ann Scharnhorst.  Sign up in advance.  Contact Catherine to sign up, or at 714-262-4445, ext. 2.

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